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Our chat bots work on Websites, Facebook & WhatsApp

Chatbots come in many different forms and can be placed on your whole site or included on specific pages. You can also customise different bots for different pages.

We design our ChitChat chatbots to suit your requirements. They can open as soon as the person visits your site, they can be set to only a specific page, they can open on delay, or even when a specific action is taken, for example, if the cursor goes to exit the site.

Chitchat chatbots can be developed for the whole site, or for specific tasks like customer service or answering simple technical questions, booking appointments, or even solving technical issues - you tell us what you want and we will build it

This means you decide how your site visitors interact with your website.

All you need to decide is which type of bot suits you.
Try out our example chatbots below.

General Chatbot

This type of chatbot can welcome people to your website and help them learn about your product or service. You can ask simple questions and also link to other web pages. This bot can follow your visitor around the site, stay on the home page, or even connect them to a live chat. Why not take a look at the example bot alongside?

Customer Service 

Customer service is an important part of any business. It can also be very time consuming, especially for smaller businesses. Chatbots can help reduce this for those simple yet repetitive questions.
Recent research suggests that most people now prefer to interact online, having their questions answered swiftly without having to pick up the phone or wait for an email response. Check out an example of this.

Technical Support

Technical support can often be quite time consuming because people will happily tell you their life story about how the product they bought doesn't work, and getting to the heart of the issue quickly is vital to reducing time costs for your staff. Why not look at our technical chatbot to see how it could assist you?

Sales & Bookings Chatbot

It's great to have someone answering the phone during the day, but not everyone can make contact during office hours as they are working too. Sales and bookings can be handled 24/7/365 via our sales chatbot, and what's more, if someone can get the result they want when it's convenient to them, that's the business they will do business with. Let's make that your business!

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